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The first time I went to Costco last May I was really excited.  After all they had great deals on some of the “Real Food” items that I had been buying from Amazon for a much higher prices.   In fact the savings for the items I had purchased was $67.60 over Amazon items or 44% savings.  To me that made the Costco membership very worthwhile.

costco favorite

Well, the last few times I have gone the items on the grain aisle that I was just loving have disappeared.   The items I sorely miss at Costco are:

  • Earthly Choice Black Rice 4 lb bag for $6.99
  • Earthly Choice Freekeh 4 lb bag  for $8.79
  • Hemp Hearts 28 oz for $9.97.  This item just disappeared in the last couple weeks right after they did a demo on it.  Sort of strange in my opinion to take something away after promoting it.  Maybe they are just low on stock.  Either way I’m bummed it’s gone.

Today when I went to Costco I checked the aisle once again and those items still weren’t there.  The only “real food” item I picked up was the Chia Seeds that they still do carry.  Apparently they aren’t at my mom’s Costco either which in a different state.  While I’m disappointed that my favorite and biggest money saver items are no longer carried at Costco, one of my biggest frustrations arose at checkout.

My Frustration at Check-Out

I had all 5 kids with me in the store.  The lady who sells the Executive Gold Membership came up to me.  She said with so many kids you must spend a lot here and I’m sure that this plan would help you save.  Sort of a big assumption on her part considering I only had 4 items in my cart.  I told her that no I really don’t buy a lot, especially since you stopped carrying some of my favorite items. 

Instead of inquiring further and asking what items those were, she just said, “Oh Sorry.”  I would have thought if they valued my membership – or really wanted to sell me the more expensive option, they would have at least tried to show interest, and say they would look into it.  Talk about Frustration.

Why I Probably Won’t Renew my Costco Membership

Between that kind of Customer Service and no longer carrying items I really appreciate and help me save, I am seriously considering not renewing my subscription come April.  While there are some items that they still do carry at Costco I like – such as Organic Spinach, Coconut Oil, Chia Seeds, K-cups, and Maple Syrup I don’t think those items will warrant the $55 membership.

Especially since the majority of those items I can get at Sam’s Club for the same price or just pennies more.  Here are some examples:

  • Maple Syrup is $11.99 at Costco and $12.49 at Sam’s Club
  • Organic Spinach is the same price at both store
  • Coffee K-Cups are 34 cents each at Costco and 37 cents at Sam’s Club

Why I Will be Shopping at Sam’s Club

You may wonder why I’m choosing Sam’’s Club since the prices are higher at Sam’s on these items.  It’s because I find many other deals at Sam’s Club I love, especially clothes where I often get dresses for $6.81 and shirts for $4.81.  I’ve never found such great clothes deals at Costco.

In addition, they are carrying many more fresh organic produce.

So have you found some of your favorite items disappearing from Costco?

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snap by groupon

Are you still waiting on receipts to be processed by Snap by Groupon – especially in regards to Huggies, Pepperidge Farm or Barilla?

As of yesterday, I still hadn’t received processing notification for my Snap Cash backs a transaction on October 3rd that included Pepperidge Farms, Huggies Diapers and Barilla Sauce. 

I was getting a bit frustrated because this was over $19 worth of Cashback and they had approved a couple smaller receipts that I had submitted much more recently.  After all they suggest it will take 48 hours to process, not 3 weeks.

So I decided it was time to contact them.  On the app on my SmartPhone I clicked on Contact Us and then chose Customer Service. I simply asked why I hadn’t heard anything on this receipt and it was still showing as pending.  I also mentioned what items it was in regards to.

Lookie, lookie what came in my in-box today.  There wasn’t any direct reply to my contact question, but I will definitely take this.


So if you’re still waiting, go ahead and contact them and hopefully your receipt will be processed as quickly.

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I was planning a trip to Aldis today and knowing that there is a Goodwill next door, I decided to pack up a bag of clothes I have been meaning to give away for awhile.  In fact this pile has been messing up my bedroom floor.  In addition to that pile, I quickly went through several other drawers and pulled out items I hadn’t worn in ages.

While packing the bag, I came up with a new cutting clutter resolution for myself.  Evertime I go to Aldis (which is about every 2 to 3 weeks), I’m going to take at least one bag of what’s become clutter to us, but useful for others, to the Goodwill.  With 7 of us in the house, this definitely won’t be hard to do.

I thought I was alone in having an Aldis right next to my Goodwill, but when I went to google to find pictures, I found that this is actually pretty common.  It makes sense since both Goodwill and Aldi appeal to frugal shoppers.

So what about you?  Is your Aldis near a Goodwill?  Would you like to join me in the Cutter Cutting Resolution or do you have another great way to Cut the Clutter?

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$5.95 Clearance Sale

It’s $5.95 Fashion Friday at Cents of Style Today and not only that both there is a 10% code and FREE SHIPPING too.  That makes the items only $5.35 each shipped.

There are hundreds of items to choose from, everything from shoes to necklaces. This is a clearance sale, items are while supplies last, so shop early! Here are a few items you will not want to miss.

Here a just a couple of the great deals included:

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 10/24/14- $5.95 Clearance Sale, Plus 10% off with Code FALLSALE

Jax Knit Scarf for only $5.35

Leather Panel <br> Pencil Skirt <br> *more colors*

Leather Pencil Skirt only $5.35

Pearl Charm Bracelets

Pearl Charm Bracelets for only $5.35

To get the extra 10% savings use code FALLSALE.

I’m thinking these would make great stocking stuffers or teacher gits for Christmas.  Don’t delay though because items are selling out quickly.

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There are new Swiffer and Crest Printable coupons available today.  These work great with the sale at Giant Eagle this week.

Here are the coupons

$1.00 off ONE Swiffer Duster Refill
$1.00 off ONE Swiffer Sweeper Refill
$1.00 off ONE Swiffer Wet Jet Refill
$1.25 off ONE Crest Paste 3.5 oz or larger

and Here are the updated Giant Eagle deals:

Purchase 4 Participating Products, get 10 cents BFPs
Cascade Gel or Powder or Action Packs $4.50
$.25/1 Cascade 10/26 PG
–Swiffer Wet or Dry Cloths $4.50

$1.00 off ONE Swiffer Duster Refill
$1.00 off ONE Swiffer Sweeper Refill
$1.00 off ONE Swiffer Wet Jet Refill

$.20/1 Swiffer Refill 9/28 PG
–Puffs Facial Tissue $4.50
$.50/3 Puffs printable
$.20/3 Puffs 9/28 PG
–Mr. Clean Liquid or Sprays $2.50
$.50/1 Mr Clean Liquid Muscle 9/14 RP
$5/$25 Mr Clean with Febreze, Siwffer or Febreze Glad Odor Shield SavingStar eOffer
–Dawn Dish Liquid $2.50
$.25/1 Dawn printable
–Febreze Air Effects $2.50
$.50/1 Febreze 10/26 PG
–Febreze Wax Melts $2.50


Crest Premium Toothpaste, Glide or Scope Outlast 2/$6
**Part of Spend $25 on participating Products, get 25¢ BFPs** – see entire list here.
$1/1 Crest Toothpaste 10/26 PG
$1.25 off ONE Crest Paste 3.5 oz or larger
$1/1 Scope 10/26 PG
$.50/1 Oral B Glide Floss 10/26 PG
$.75/1 Crest Sensitive printable
$.50/1 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste printable
$.50/1 Crest Toothpaste 9/28 PG

Find all the Giant Eagle deals HERE.

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I have 6 new Giant Eagle unadvertised deals I found this week while shopping that have coupons to match.

Plus don’t forget these deals that are still available:

Here are the new deals.


Lance Cracker Sandwiches 3/$6
Buy 2, Get 1 Free = 3/$6 (good thru 11/5)
$1.50/1 Lance Cracker Sandwiches 8 ct 10/5 SS (this is regional, I didn’t get it)
Lance Cracker Sandwich printable
As low as 50 cents


Nestle Morsels $2.50 (good thru 12/31)
$1/2 Nestle Toll House Morsels 9/28 SS
$2 each


Lipton Tea & Honey Liquid Mix $1.99 (good thru 12/31)
$1/1 Liquid Tea & Honey Liquid Mix printable (on Target site, but is mfr coupon)
99 cents each


Carolina Rice Mix $1
$.75/2 Carolina Rice Mix 9/14 RP (coupon expires 12/31/14)
25 cents each


Horizon Mac & Cheese $1.99
$.75/2 Horizon Mac & Cheese printable or 9/28 RP
$1.24 each after coupon doubled


Bush’s Chili Beans 10/$10
$1/3 Bush’s Chili Beans 10/12 SS
cents each

Have you found any great unadvertised deals at your store?

You can find all the Giant Eagle deals here.

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Giant Eagle Cereal Update on Buy 3 Kelloggs get Free Poptart Deal

October 24, 2014

Just a quick Giant Eagle update to let you know what varieities are included in the Kellogg’s Cereal Buy 3, Get a Free Box of Pop Tart Deal this week.  It’s limited to the following 5 varieties. Jif Cereal Kelloggs Mini Wheats Little Bites (Chocolate and Original) Frosted Flakes Honey Smacks Here’s the updated deal: […]

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Slow Cooker Deal at Sears | Just $10

October 24, 2014

I love cooking with my crockpot and am always looking for deals on slowcookers.  Right now is offering the Hamilton Beach 4 qt Stainless Steel Slow Cooker for only $10. This slow cooker has 4 1/2 stars from 95 reviews. A 4 quart cooker isn’t huge, but would work well for a family of […]

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Shop N Save PA Favorite Deals |10/23 to 10/29/14

October 23, 2014

If you didn’t make it to Shop N Save PA last week, you’re not completely out of luck because you can still pick up a jar of ChiChis Salsa for 50 cents this week.  Here are all my favorite for the week at Shop N Save PA. SHOP N SAVE PA INSTANT SAVINGS DEALS Nestle […]

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Printable Coupons Ending Today or Tomorrow | Covergirl, Tampax and Jello

October 23, 2014

  Don’t miss these great coupons that are scheduled to disappear within the next day.  I included three of them in the Giant Eagle matchups for the week, so if you were considering them, go print them now. $1.50/2 Covergril Gloss Balms or XL Nail Gels (ends 10/23) $.50/1 Covergirl Product printable $1 off 1 […]

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