shop n save weekly sales and deals

Giant Eagle isn’t the only place you can get Free Pineapple at this week.  Shop N Save PAalso has it.  In addition I think I might make a trip there to pick up some Black Beans for 29 cents a can.  That’s less than Aldi.

Here are my other favorite deals at Shop N Save PA.


Dole Pineapple 4/$5
Buy 4, Get $1 off Instantly
$.50/2 DOle Canned Fruit 2/1 SS, 3/22 SS
$.75/1 DOle Canned Fruit Feb All You
$.50/2 DOle Canned Pineapple printable
$.50/1 Dole Canned Fruit  Snap Cash Back (No Limit)
Free after insert coupons double and Snap Cash Back
**Snap can be used at Shop N Save.  Before buying, verify that Snap offer is still available.  They tend to disappear quickly**

Spend $20 on Participating Products, Save $5 Instantly
(some of these are better prices than I saw at Giant Eagle)
Listerine Mouthwash 2/$10
Listerine Mouthwash printable or HERE or 3/29 RP2
Zyrtec Allergy Relief $17.99
$5/1 Zyrtec 3/15 RP, 3/1 RP
$2/1 Zyrtec printable
–Benadryl Allergy 2/$9
$1/1 Benadryl printable or 3/29 RP2
$3/3 Benadryl/Neosporin or Bandaid 3/29 RP2
–Sudafed Sinus or Cold Relief 2/$6
$2/1 Sudafed printable
$1/1 Sudafed 3/29 RP2
$1/1 Tylenol Cold 3/29 RP2
$2.50/2 Tylenol 3/29 RP2
Motrin PM Pain Relief 2/$20
–Motrin Ibuprofen 100 ct $9 (at GE, 80 ct was $9.99)
$1/1 Motrin printable or HERE or 3/29 RP2
–Band Aid 2/$5
$1.50/2 Band Aid printable
Neosporin Ointment or Spray to Go 2/$8
$1/1 Neosporin printable
$3/3 Benadryl/Neosporin or Bandaid 3/29 RP2
–Aveeno Anti Itch 2/$8
$1/1 Aveeno Skin 3/29 RP2
–Aveeno Hand & Body Lotion $8
$2/2 Aveeno 3/8 SS
$1/1 Aveeno printable
Aveeno Suncare $9
–Aveeno Baby Care 2/$10

Galbani Mozzarella Ball or Ricotta Cheese 2/$8
Buy 2, Get $1 off Instantly
$1/3 Galbani Fresh Mozzarella printable

Spend $10 on participating products, get $3 off Instantly
–Ortega Taco Kit 2/$7
Ortega Taco Sauce 2/$4
–Ortega Black Bean 99 cents
–Ortega Taco Seasoning 3 packs 2/$4
$.50/2 Ortega Products 1/18 SS

Buy 9 Ortega Black Beans + 1 Seasoning or Sauce = $10.91
Less 5 coupons – $5
$5.91 and get $3 off Instantly = $2.91 for 10 products or 29 cents each

Powerade 10/$10
Buy 10, Get $2 off Instantly = 10/$8

Florida’s Natural Grapefruit or OJ 2/$7
Buy 2, Get $1 off Instantly = 2/$6
$1/1 Florida’s Natural Fit & Delicious OJ printable



Stouffer’s Simple DIsh Mac & Cheese 5/$10
$1/2 Stouffers Single 1/25 RP

Advil $3.49
$1/1 Advil product printable

Johnsonville Fully Cooked Sausage Links $3.99
$1/1 Johnsonville Fully Cooked Sausage 2/8 SS
$2.99 each

Daisy Cottage Cheese 24 oz $3.79
$.50/1 Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese 3/22 SS
$2.79 each

Red Baron 2/$7
$1/2 Red Baron Pizza printable

Rhodes Warm & Serv Rolls 2/$5
$.40/1 Rhodes Warm & Serv 3/22 RP
$1.70 each

New York Texas Garlic Bread or Toast $2.79
$.50/1 New York Garlic Bread printable or  3/1 SS
$1.79 each

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent BOGO Free
$1/2 Arm & Hammer Laundry 3/29 SS2

McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract 2/$5
$.75/1 McCormick Spice, HErb, Extract or Food Color 3/15 RP
$1 each

French’s Brown Mustard 2/$3
$.50/1 French’s Mustard printable or 1/18 SS
As low as 50 cents

DeLallo Gnocchi 2/$5
$1/1 Delallo Gnocchi printable

Dole Pineapple Juice 2/$5
$.35/1 Dole Pineapple Juice printable
$1.50/2 Dole Pineapple Juice Snap Cashback
1.40 each

Boneless Pollock Fillets

Kraft Miracle Whip $2.99
$.50/1 Kraft Miracle Whip 3/8 SS
$1.99 each

7 Up 10/$10
$.55/1 7 Up printable
45 cents each

Did you find any other Great Shop N Save Deals?

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About a month ago I shared Schoola with you and how you could get $15 of totally free clothes.  If you signed up then, but didn’t get a chance to use your $15 credit before Free Shipping disappeared, it’s back!  So that means $15 of free clothes for kids, women and young men.

But it gets better.  Use coupon code TRYSCHOOLA and you will get an additional 25% off your first order.  That means $20 in Free clothes.  The $15 credit shows on check-out automatically so you can still use a coupon code.

If you didn’t sign up then, Sign up for School NOW and you can still take advantage of the Free $15 Credit plus 25% savings and get totally free clothes thanks to the free shipping offer.!  Not only will you get a great deal on clothes, but part of your purchase will go to support Schools.

My Schoola Experience

Since my original post a month ago, I have received several shipments from Schoola.  There have been a couple of issues with items, but on both occasions Schoola Customer Service was very helpful.

  • In one order, I was supposed to receive a ladies sweater.  While it was listed on the packing slip, it didn’t come in the box.  I called and they gave me a coupon credit for over the price of the item.
  • The other issue was a sizing issue.  I ordered a size 5 dress and the actual dress was more around a size 2-3.  It was a Hannah Anderson dress so sizing was in European scale.  Once again, they gave me a credit for more than what I paid.

Everything else has met my expectations and I was very pleased and how quickly and efficiently they handled the problems I did have.

So don’t delay and sign up and use your credit now while FREE shipping is available.

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Free Fruit definitely made my trip to Giant Eagle a Coupon “High” today.  My daughter who loves mandarin oranges for a snack will be very excited too.  I did have an interesting conversation in the check-out line I thought I would share.

I noticed the lady in front of me had two boxes of Rice Krispies.  I mentioned, did you get your free marshmallows.  She said, “no I forgot, but I should probably get them right since it’s rare to get anything free.”  I grabbed her a pack since they were right behind me on the end aisle, and got to thinking about her comment about nothing being free.

So, I mentioned to her how I was actually getting a lot of freebies, including $24 in Free fruit, cake mix and some frozen vegetables thanks to coupons.  I then offered her a card about the blog.  She didn’t take it.  Not sure why.  Perhaps she thinks using coupons isn’t worth it.  However, saving 60 to 70% on things that actually get used in our house is definitely worth it to me, and if you are reading this, it probably is to you too.

With that, here is the results of my Coupon “High” trip to Giant Eagle today.


Out of Pocket $58.08
Cashback offers
    Snap – $12
SavingStar  –  $0.75
Net Cost – $45.33

Store Savings $48.22
Coupon Savings $48.80

That means I picked up $142.35 worth of products for only $45 or nearly $100 in savings.

I used the deals mentioned in the Weekly Giant Eagle Ad Coupon Matchups unless otherwise mentioned.

  • 2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice – $2 each.  This didn’t include a coupon, but is lower than Cranberry Juice at Aldi and offers more flavor options.
  • 2 Birds Eye Recipe Ready – FREE – the only variety of Recipe Ready I saw to be included was the onion and garlic
  • 2 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes 25 cents out of pocket and and will get 37.5 cash back on each from SavingStar.  That’s a 25 cents Money Maker.  If you don’t need cake, give it to a food bank.  I think I’ll use it to make some of my families favorite pan cookies.
  • Palmolive $1.50
  • 24 cans of Dole Fruit – $12 out of pocket and $12 back from Snap by Groupon.  I did this purchase on a separate receipt so I could easily submit it.  Then submitted it right when I got in the car just so the deal wouldn’t disappear.
  • 2 Gum Kids Toothbrushes (2 packs) – Unadvertised deal for $1.49 each and used $1/2 coupon coming in 3/29 SS.  This mean 4 toothbrushes for $1.98.
  • 2 Sargento Tastings Cheese – $1 each using this Unadvertised Deal and new coupon in 3/29 SS
  • 4 Keebler Chips Deluxe – 29 cents.  I used the $.70/1 Keebler/Kelloggs printable coupon.  For some reason one rang through with no problem, but the other had to be manually put through.
  • 4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese – $1 each after coupon.  I should have received a $1.50 OYNO, but it didn’t print, so I will be contacting the catalina company.
  • 2 Domino Sugar – One was 24 cents and the other was $1.24 after coupon and eAdvantage.  Unfortunately, my paper didn’t have the $.40/1 coupon.  Still, even at $1.24 it is a better price than Aldi.
  • 2 Mt Olive Pickles – These are an unadvertised deal for $2.49 and had hand tag coupons for $.55/1 that did double.  That made the jar only $1.39 each.  Since I was out of Vlasic coupons, this wasn’t a bad deal.
  • 2 Land o Lakes Butter $1.39 each after coupon.
  • 2 Special K Bars – $1.50 each
  • 11 Special K Cereals – $1.50 each.  I was so excited to see this deal continued this week, since I hadn’t gotten a chance to use the newer coupons from  As I mentioned last week, this is higher than my normal cereal stock-up price of $1, but Special K is a cereal all the kids and mom like.


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We aren’t big soup eaters, but several week’s ago I couldn’t resist picking up a package of Dole Garden Soup when it was better than Free.  I figured I could use it as a base of meal.  My original thought was to combine it with chicken.  However, I got a bit more adventurous with it.

I used tilapia and quinoa with it.  Both of these items are ones that are healthy for you, but not necessarily the kiddos favorites.  I am happy to report that they all ate it without a complaint.  In my opinion, if you didn’t know the Tilapia was in it, you wouldn’t notice it, in fact my 13 year old didn’t know at all.

Tilapia Corn Chowder | Uses Dole Garden Soup
Cook time

Total time


Combine a simple Stockpile item (Dole Gargen Corn Soup) with bacon, Tilapia and Quinoa to make a healthy “chowder”
Recipe type: Tilapia
Serves: 6

  • 5 slices bacon
  • 4 stalks celery, diced
  • 1 spoonful minced garlic
  • 26 oz container Dole Garden Soup, Sweet Corn variety
  • 6 Tilapia fillets, cut into bitsize
  • ½ tsp dried thyme
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • 1½ cup Cooked Quinoa
  • ½ cup to ¾ cup milk
  • Green Onion

  1. Brown the Bacon
  2. Drain Most of the Grease (not all)
  3. Cook Garlic and celery in pot until transluscent
  4. Pour in Dole Garden Soup and remaining ingredients and stir
  5. Cook until fish is cooked through. about 5 minutes If you continue to simmer and stir the fish will break apart and not be recognized. (Great if you have picky fish eaters)
  6. Top with diced Green Onions

I had some extra cooked quinoa so I made a batch of Qunioa Muffins with Chocolate Chips.  The kids ate these with no complaints.  At least I know two ways now that my kids will eat quinoa.

Since I took help from a box of soup, the meal was super quick too.  Gotta love a healthy, fast and frugal meal.

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Here are 10 great new printable coupons that you definitely don’t want miss out on.  The top one will make for great deals at Giant Eagle this week.

$.70/1 Any Kellogg’s or Keebler Printable – Get 2 per computer – Great doubler
$.75/2 Lucky Leaf Pie Filling printable
$.25/1 Gain Dishwashing Liquid printable
$.50/1 Kandoo printable
$1/4 YoCrunch Singles printable
$.55/2 Nature’s Own Bread or Buns printable
$1/2 Magnum Ice Cream Bar Multipacks printable (zip 77477)
$1/1 Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce printable
$1/2 NutriGrain Bars printable
$1/1 Green Mountain or Donut Shop K-Cups Printable

Find more hot printable coupons here.

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Three freebies this week at Giant Eagle – Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Dole Canned Fruit and Birds Eye Frozen Veggies.  The first is actually a money maker after Cash Back offers.

Here are some of my other favorite deals:

  • Tyson Bagged Chicken $2.50
  • Domino 4 lb Sugar 19 cents
  • Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 67¢
  • Keebler CHips Deluxe 29¢
  • Keebler Town House Crackers 35 cents
  • Splenda 100 ct 99¢
  • Krusteaz Baking Mix 90 cents
  • Land O Lake Butter $1.39
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese 63¢
  • 7 up 2 liter 45¢
  • Libby Canned Vegetables 24¢
  • Vlasic Pickles 88 cents
  • Special K Bars $1
  • Colgate Toothbrush & Whitening $2.99 (sale price $12.99)

Remember, this is an ad that crosses two months.  That means some coupons will be expiring or disappearing while new ones will be coming out.  Stay tuned for updates.

In addition to all those deals, don’t forget to check out the great Giant Eagle unadvertised deals.  There are about 51 deals listed here and I’ll be updating it next time I go shopping.

For those of you new to couponing, if you need help understanding coupon abbreviations, check out Coupon Lingo list here and my ABCs of saving at Giant Eagle HERE

As always, check out the complete list to see if any other deals are your favorites and for details.


Barilla Pasta or Pasta Sauce 2/$4
Buy 2, Get $1.50 off Barilla Pasta Sauce Instantly
$1/2 Barilla Pasta Sauce 3/1 RP2
$1/2 Barilla Protein Plus, Whole Grain, Veggie, White Fiber 1/4 RP
$.55/2 Barilla Pasta 3/22 RP

Tyson Bagged Chicken Patties, Tenders or Nuggets $5
Buy 2, Get $2 off Instantly = $4 each
$.75/1 Tyson Chicken Nuggets 22 SS, 3/1 RP
$2.50 each

DiGiorno or California Pizza Kitchen $6
Buy 2, Get $2 off Instantly = $5 each
$2/2 DiGiorno Pizzeria printable
1/2 Digiorno Rising Crust printable (zip 77477)

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Litter $8.99
Buy 2, Get $2 off Instantly = $7.99
$1/1 Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light  printable or 3/15 SS


Spend $20 on participating products, get 20¢ BFPs
–Dove Body Wash $5.49
$1/1 Dove Body Wash 3/22 RP
–Dove Bar Soap $6.49
$1/1 Dove Bar Soap 3/22 RP
–Dove or Degree Deodorant 2/$7
$1/1 Dove Men’s Deodorant 3/22 RP
–Axe, Dove or Degree Dry Spray Deodorant $5.49
$2/1 Dove Dry Spray or Advanced Care Deodorant 3/22 RP
$1.50/1 Dove Dry Spray Printable

–Axe Deodorant or Shower Gel 2/$8
$1/1 Axe Deodorant 3/22 RP
$1/1 Axe Personal Wash product 3/22 RP

–Suave Professionals Hair Care or Hand & Body Lotion 2/$6
$1.50/1 Suave Professionals Hand & Body Lotion 3/8 RP
–Vaseline Intensive Care, St Ives, Simple, Ponds or Noxzema 25% off
$1/1 Vaseline Intensive Lotion 3/8 RP
BOGO St Ives 3/22 RP
Free Simple Facial Wipes wyb Simple Cleanser 3/22 RP

Spend $25 on Participating products, Get 25 BFPs
–Listerine 1 or 1.5 L $1 off
$1/1 Listerine Mouthwash printable or HERE or 3/29 RP2
–Zyrtec $1 off
$5/1 Zyrtec 3/15 RP, 3/1 RP
Zyrtec printable
–Benadryl $1 off
Benadryl printable or 3/29 RP2
$3/3 Benadryl/Neosporin or Bandaid 3/29 RP2
–Tylenol Cold or Sudafed $1 off
Sudafed printable
$1/1 Sudafed 3/29 RP2
$1/1 Tylenol Cold 3/29 RP2
$2.50/2 Tylenol 3/29 RP2

–Motrin $1 off
Motrin printable or HERE or 3/29 RP2
–Band Aid or Neosporin $1 off
Band Aid printable
$1/1 Neosporin printable
$3/3 Benadryl/Neosporin or Bandaid 3/29 RP2
–Neutrogena or Aveeno Skin Care 15% off
$1/1 Aveeno Skin 3/29 RP2
$1/1 Neutrogena Acne Product
$2/1 Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne printable
$1/1 Neutrogena Skin Clearing Cosmetics printable
$2/2 Neutrogena Body or Hair printable or  3/8 SS
$3/2 Neutrogena Body 12/7 SS
–Aveeno Hair Care, Hand & Body Lotion or Body Wash 2/$10
$2/2 Aveeno 3/8 SS
$1/1 Aveeno printable

Pampers Diapers $24.99
Buy 2, Get 40 cents BFPs
$5/2 Pampers Diapers or Pants 3/15 RP
$3/1 Pampers Diapers  3/29 PG
$1.50/1 Pampers Diapers 3/1 PG
$1.50/1 Pampers Diapers printable

Tena 2/$23
Buy $20 of Participating Products, get 20¢ BFPs
$2/1 Tena printable
$1/1 Tena printable


Betty Crocker Cake Mix 10/$10
$.75/2 Betty Crocker Frosting, Brownie Mix, Cake or Cookie printable
$.75/2 Betty Crocker Frosting, Brownie Mix, Cake or Cookie SavingStar eOffer
$1/1 Betty Crocker Frosting, Brownie Mix, Cake or Cookie 3/22 SS
Free plus SavingStar

Dole Canned Pineapple, Mandarin Oranges or Tropical Fruit Salad 10/$10
$.50/2 DOle Canned Fruit 2/1 SS, 3/22 SS
$.75/1 DOle Canned Fruit Feb All You
$.50/2 DOle Canned Pineapple printable
$.50/1 Dole Canned Fruit  Snap Cash Back (No Limit)
Free after coupon and Snap Cash Back
**Before buying, verify that Snap offer is still available.  They tend to disappear quickly**

Birds Eye Bagged Vegetables 10/$10
$1/2 BIrds Eye 2/22 SS (some areas receive $1/1)
$1/1 Birds Eye C&W 3/29 SS (Free if included)
$.75/1 BIrds Eye Recipe Ready printable (Free if included)
50 cents to Free


Domino Sugar 4 lb $1.99
eAdvantage = 99 cents for one bag
$.40/1 Domino Granulated Sugar 3/15 RP
$.75/2 Domino Sugar printable or HERE
As low as 19 cents

Keebler Chips Deluxe BOGO Free or $1.69 each
$1/2 Keebler Cookies printable or 2/15 RP
$.70/1 Keebler product printable
$1/1 Keebler Cookies printable (requires points)
29 cents each

Keebler Town House or Toasted Crackers BOGO Free or $1.75 – $2 each
Keebler Crackers printable (requires points)
Keebler product printable
35 cents each for Toasted Crackers

Nestle Morsels 2/$5
$.50/2 Nestle TOll House Morsels printable

Pop Secret 6-10 ct BOGO Free
$1/2 Pop Secret printable

Wise Potato CHips, Popcorn or Doodles BOGO Free or $1.99 each
$.75/1 Wise Cheez Waffles printable

Splenda 100 ct $2.99
$.75/1 SPlenda printable
$1/1 Splenda printable
$2/1 Splenda 3/29 RP2
99 cents each

Kellogg’s Cereal 2/$6
$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereal 3/1 RP2
$.70/1 Keebler or Kelloggs product printable
50 Kellogg’s Corn Pops Cereal printable
$.50/1 Kelloggs Frosted Flakes printable
$.50/1 Kelloggs Froot Loops printable
$.50/1 Kellogg’s Apple Jacks printable
$1/2 Kellogg’s Mini Wheats printable
$.50/1 Kelloggs Krave printable
$.50/1 Kellogg’s Jif Cereal printable
$.70/1 Raisin Bran w/ Cranberries 2/15 RP
$.70/1 Froot Loops Bloopers 2/15 RP

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Cereal 2/$5
Buy 2, Get Free Bag of Jet Puffed Marshmallows
$1/2 Kelloggs Rice Krispies printable or 3/22 RPv
$.70/1 Keebler or Kelloggs product printable

Uncle Ben’s RIce $2
Buy 3, Get 2 Free = 4/$6
$1/3 Uncle Bens printable
$1/4 Uncle Bens’ RIce printable

Bisquick $2.99
$.50/1 Bisquick SavingStar eOffer

Krusteaz Baking Mix 2/$4
$.55/1 Krusteaz Mix 12/7  SS
$1/2 Krusteaz Brand Mix printable
90 cents

Betty Crocker COokie Mix 2/$4
$.75/2 Betty Crocker Frosting, Brownie Mix, Cake or Cookie printable
$.75/2 Betty Crocker Frosting, Brownie Mix, Cake or Cookie SavingStar eOffer
$1/1 Betty Crocker Frosting, Brownie Mix, Cake or Cookie 3/22 SS

67 cents each after coupon and eOffer

Fisher Baking Nuts $6.99
$1/1 Fisher Nuts printable
$1/2 Fisher 3/22 SS

Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, Nourish Hot Cereal or Bars 2/$5
$.50/1 Special K Red Berries printable or HERE (mnfr coupon on target site)
$.50/1 Special K Gluten Free Cereal or HERE

$.50/1 Special K® Berry Medley, Sweet/Salty Choco Pretzel, Blueberry Bliss, Salted Choco Carmel, &/or Variety Pack Bars **New
$1/1 Kellogg’s® Special K® Protein Cinnamon Cereal **New
$.50/1 Special K® Brownies **New
$.50/1 Special K® Cereal SAVE 50¢ on any ONE Kellogg’s® Special K® Gluten Free Cereal **New
$.75/1 Special K Chewy Snack Bars 3/8 RP
$.70/1 Special K Gluten Free 2/15 RP
$.70/1 Special K Protein Cinnamon 2/15 RP
As low as $1


Libby’s Canned Vegetables 49 cents
$1/4 Libbys Canned Vegetables printable (mnfr coupon even though on Publix – limit 1)
24 cents each

Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip 2/$6
$.50/1 Kraft Miracle Whip 3/8 SS
$.50/1 Kraft Mayo 3/8 SS

French’s Fried Onions 2/$6
$.75/1 French’s French Fried Onions 3/22 SS
French’s French Fried Onions printable
$1.50 each

Swanson Broth 2/$4
$1/2 Swanson Broth printable

Planters Cashew Halves or Pieces or Mixed Nuts $4.49
$1/2 Planters Nuts printable or 3/22 SS or 1/25 SS

Campbells Chunky Soup 4/$6
$1/5 Campbells Cunky 2/8 SS
$.50/4 Campbells Chunky 1/11 SS
$.50/23 Campbells Chunky printable

Vlasic Pickles $1.88
$1/1 Vlasic Bold & Spicy 1/18 SS
88 cents each

Starkist Chunk Light TUna 59 cents
(Lower than Aldi price)

Prego Pasta Sauce 2/$6
$.40/2 Prego Sauce 3/1 SS

McCormick Spices, Extracts or Gourmet Herbs 25% off
$.75/1 McCormick spices, Herb, Extract or Food Color 3/15 RP

Heinz Gravy $1.50
$.75 OYNO wyb 2 Heinz Gravy Giant Eagle Checkout Rewards or from National Catalina Deal buy 3+, Get $1.50
Best to buy 3 = $1 each after OYNO


Starbucks K-Cups or Bagged Coffee $6.99
$1.50/1 Starbucks K-Cup 2/8 SS
Starbucks Coffee or KCup printable
$4.99 each

7Up 2 Liter 10/$10
$.55/1 7 Up 2 Liter printable (does not double)
45 cents each

V8 Vegetable, V8 V-Fusion or V8 Veggie Blends 2/$5
$1/2 V8 Vegetable Juice printable or  3/22 SS, 1/4 SS
$1/1 V8 New Variety printable or 3/22 SS
$1/2 V8 Fusion 1/4 SS


Land O Lakes Butter Quarters BOGO Free or $2.39 each
$.50/1 Land O Lakes Half Stick Butter printable
$1.39 each

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 2/$3
$.50/2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese 3/15 SS
Get $.75 OYNO wyb 2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Giant Eagle Checkout Reward  From the National Catalina deal, buy 3, Get $1 OYNO or Buy 4, Get $1.50 OYNO
$0.63 each after coupon and OYNO wyb 2 or 4

Nestle TOll House Ready To Bake Cookies 2/$5
$1/2 Nestle TOll House Cookie Dough printable
$.50/2 Nestle Toll House Cookie DOugh printable

Pillsbury Grands or Simply Biscuits 3/$5
$.30/2 Pillsbury Grands 1/25 SS, 1/4 SS, 3/29 SS1
$.40/3 Pillsbury Grands 1/4 SS

Reddi Wip Topping 2/$4
$.25/1 Reddi Wip printable


Stouffer’s Simple Dishes 4/$10
$1/2 Stouffers Single Serve 1/25 RP

Ore Ida Fries, Tater Tots or Hashbrowns 2/$6
$1/1 Ore Ida BOld & Crispy printable

Ben & Jerry Ice Cream, Magnum Ice Cream or Frutarre Fruit Bars 2/$7
$1/2 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream printable
$.75/1 Magnum Ice Cream printable
1/2 Magnum Ice Cream Bars Printable (zip 77477)



Cottonelle Bath Tissue 6 Double ROlls $3.99
There is a
National Catalina Deal for Buy $20, Get $5 OYNO including Cottonelle and Kleenex
$.50/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 3/8 SS

Kleenex Bundle $3.99
$.30/1 Kleenex Bundle 3/8 SS

All or Wisk Liquid Laundry Detergent $6.99
$2/2 All or Snuggle 3/1 RP
$1/1 All 3/1 RP, 3/29 RP1
$1/1 Wisk Laundry 3/15 SS

Air WIck Scented Oil Refills 2/$13
$1/1 Air Wick Scented Oil Refills 3/22 SS
$1/1 Air Wick Scented Oil Refill Snap eOffer

Hefty Slider Bags 3/$5
$1/2 Hefty Slider Bags 3/29 RP1
$1.17 each

Hefty Tall Kitchen or Trash Bags $7.99
$1/1 Hefty Trash Bags printable or 3/22 RP

Palmolive Dish Liquid $2.50
$.35/1 Palmolive Liquid Soap printable
$.50/1 Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap Ultra 3/22 SS
$1.50 each

Chinet Value Pack Dinner, Platter or Lunch Plates $5.99
$1/1 Chinet printable or HERE

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Wash, Lotion, Oil or Powder 2/$8
$1/1 Johnsons Baby Oil printable
$1.50/2 Johnsons or Desitin printable

Beggin Strips or Busy Bone Dog Treats $3
Buy 4, Get $2 off Instantly = 4/$10
Free Purina Beggin Dog Snacks 1/25 RP

Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Color $9.99
$3/1 Vidal Sassoon Salonish Hair Color 3/1 PG
$2/1 Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Color printable

Duracell or Quantum Batteries 2/$13
$.50/1 Duracell Batteries 3/1 PG, 3/29 PG

Nexium 24 hr $23.99
$3/1 Nexium  3/1 RP

Osteo Bi-Flex BOGO Free
$4/1 Osteo BiFlex 3/29 RP1
$5/1 Osteo Bi-Flex 70 ct 3/15 RP
$3/1 Osteo BiFlex 3/15 RP

Ensure 6 packs $7.99
$3/2 Ensure 3/1 SS, 2/1 SS, 3/29 SS2

Children’s Tyelnol or Motrin $5.69
$1/1 Children’s Tyelnol 3/29 RP2
$3/2 Motrin product  3/29 RP2
$1/1 Motrin printable

Flonase $11.99
$2/1 Flonase 3/8 RP

Nasacort $12.99
$5/1 Nasacort 3/29 RP1 or 2/1 RP
$4/1 Nasacort 3/15 RP
$3/1 Nasacort 3/1 RP
$7.99 each

Allegra 24 Hour $21.99
$5/1 Allegra 3/2 RP
$4/1 Allegra 3/8 RP
$2/1 Allegra pritnable

Colgate Max or Kids 2/$4
$.50/1 Colgate Kids TOothbrush 3/22 SS, 3/8 SS
$.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste 3/22 SS
$1 each

Colgate Toothbrush and Whitening Pen $12.99
$5/1 Colgate Whitening Pen 3/22 SS
$5/1 COlgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen Snap Cash Back

Softsoap Body Wash 2/$6
$1.50/1 SOftsoap Body Wash 3/22 SS

Softsoap Refill BOGO Free
$1/1 Softsoap Refill  3/22 RP

Also, come join The Coupon “High” Giant Eagle Facebook Group.  That way you won’t miss any deals in your feeds, plus you can see other TCH readers great trips.

If you find  any other great deals I missed, please share them in the comments or over on The Coupon “High” Facebook page.

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Relax with Stax Duraflame Sweepstakes

March 24, 2015

Enter the Duraflame Rest & Relax with stax® Giveaway for a chance to win one fire pit, duraflame stax® fire logs, 2 duraflame chairs and 2 duraflame blankets. Click the Banner above to ENTER  

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Giant Eagle Update with New $.75/2 Horizon Mac & Cheese Printable

March 24, 2015

Hurry and print this new $.75/2 Horizon Mac & Cheese Printable coupon. You can use it at GIant Eagle until 3/25/15 to pick up a box for just $1.25 with this unadvertised deal. Horizon Mac & Cheese 2/$4 (thru 3/25) $.75/2 Horizon Mac & Cheese printable $1.25 each FInd more great Unadvertised Giant Eagle deals […]

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Kids Bible Story DVD for only $1 shipped

March 24, 2015

Family Bible Films is offering you a Free Kids DVD titled “What’s in the BIble?”  It from the creator of Veggie Tales.  You will just have to pay $1 for Shipping and Handling. In addition, you will get Free Online Streaming and additional free gifts including learning guides, games, discussion topics and more. You’ll also […]

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$5 for Magazine Subscriptions | Sport’s Illustrated, Good Housekeeping and More

March 24, 2015

Great Magazine deal today and it includes magazines you don’t normally find such great savings on. I was especially excited to see Sport’s Illustrated in the bunch.  This is one I never see for $5, and my son’s favorite magazine.  They are offering a 26 week weekly subscription for just $5. Also included in the […]

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